The First Ever Anime I ever Watched : DBZ [Nostalgic]

Formal Introduction

Hey Everyone I hope you are doing well and great .I am Anmol the sole author of this blog . Let’s be honest this is my first article on internet . I am also just a weeb like you people. And I watch anime a lot . In This article , We’ll talk about the first ever anime I watched . And that Anime is Dragon Ball Z . I watched it when I was like 7 Years Old. But suddenly something happened and they stopped broadcasting Dragon Ball Z on Indian Television. That was heart breaking though . But Since I was introduced to anime at such young age . It agitated the weeb inside of me .

The only place where I could watch anime was TV but at that time cartoon shows like avatar , Ben 10 , Doraemon , Shinchan were more famous . I was never that much interested in those shows though they were great shows . I could never develop a liking for them .Because I was choosy about what to watch from first day . So I Started Playing games based upon Dragon Ball Series to understand complete Storyline .  Then for some time my connection with anime was broken because of lack of internet access and many other factors . That is an another story . Let’s talk about the show now .

Overview Of the Show

So , Basically it’s kind of review of Dragon Ball Z that revolves around the protagonist of the show that is Goku that is a saiyan from another planet living on Earth . The storyline of the show is great with all the needed crisp stuff like power levels and glowing attack stuff .  Even the meme it’s above 9000 originated from the show . You can say the show revolves completely around goku . What I think is Goku is completely overpowered character in the show . But yes he was not very powerful in the starting of the show and got powerful progressively by training and also Dying Several times .

Over 9000 meme

Graphics Quality 

VFX and Graphics quality is Great being an 1990 Anime .That is what you can expect from japanese editors .Now  in the latest series DBS Dragon Ball Super the Graphics are more improved and made better .  I think that’s how things evolve with time . All thanks to newer and better Softwares and Hardwares  . 

Concept of Life and Death

Concept of Death in Dragon Ball Z was somehow creative and unrealistic at the same time . Its not like they’re immortal or something . But they can be revived using Dragon Balls . Thus,  Goku was revived a lot of times during the show . It’s great but somehow kills the fear of the protagonist getting killed that at sometimes fuel the storyline .Also a funny thing everytime goku dies in the storyline he goes to training by setteling things with King Yenma that is very creative also .

Distribution Of Power 

Power levels of the characters . There is an equal distribution of power and attention in DBZ that started to get concentrate on other characters as the show evolved. The Lead characters started becoming very much stronger and got more attention that anyone that were Goku and Vegeta . Though Gohan that was Goku’s Son played a great part in the first Half of the show . He being a pure Saiyyan had a tale and undergoes ape transformation once to save his Father . But after sometime the writer Akira Toriyama started neglecting the character . And since then Gohan didn’t get much attention that he deserved . The main villain of the show that was named as Frieza was very powerful . Goku undergoes his first SSJ Transformation while fighting him . She was the one to destroy a whole planet with a single attack , we can expect that from the main bad guy/ girl.

The Hidden Message

The message of the story that the writer tries to give is that Friends and Family are the most important people for a person . Its their trust and love that makes one powerful . Character of Goku was pure – hearted and kind person . He was very selfless and always gave his all for protecting his Friends, Family and Planet Earth and also Sometimes when the villain is very much powerful that completely over powers Goku . He gathers energy from all of the living organisms for an attack called Spirit Bomb . That gives the message of unity , that together we can accomplish each and every thing .

The Show stopped airing around 1995 . And after a Big Gap of 23 Years they came back with Dragon Ball Super in which the characters of the show Surpassed even the gods . We’ll talk about that show some other day .

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