Grave Of the Fireflies : Movie Ending Explained

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Grave of the fireflies ending is somehow difficult to understand . We’ll talk about it in this article Grave of the fireflies is an anime movie released in 1988 by the legendary Ghibli Studio. The movie’s premise is set in a small city Kobe in Japan around the time of the second world war. It’s that kind of movie that you must watch when you need a good cry. You know when you want to let all those emotions out. While watching the movie you will feel the pain suffered by victims of wars, how they lose families, how they starve for food, and how people of a nation behave when a war is going on. But in all those chaos the innocence of the characters is still preserved. Despite a war going on, despite losing their families, despite having nothing to eat and living in a place full of mosquitoes they are happy in their world. They are just pure souls that are not yet infected by the cruel world. They are the fireflies that have the light to keep spreading light and positivity in the darkest of times.

StoryLine Of the Movie :-

1. First Bombing attack on the city

 Just when the movie started they had a bombing attack right away that attack burned the whole city and also injured Seita and Setsuko’s mother.

2. Death of their Mother

 Due to lack of adequate medical facilities their mother died of several burns on her body. She was all covered in bandages and small insects started to infest the dead body of their mother.

3. Shifting to their aunt’s house

 After giving fire to his mother’s dead body Seita and Setsuko shifted to their cruel aunt’s house. Seita didn’t tell his sister about their mother’s death and lied to her.

4. Writing to the father and feeling helpless

After reaching there he wrote a lot of letters to his father but never got replied. The reason being all of the Japanese fleets being sunk but they were unknown of the fact.

5. Aunt started scolding them

Their aunt never liked them at their home and always did the bad. She gave them only soup and no rice. She even made them sell their mother’s kimono’s ( Japanese Robes) for rice. She also told Setsuko that her mother has died. She was a very cruel character though she had her reasons for being rude and cruel but must treat the kids better.

6. Shifting to the shelter

After some quarrel with aunt, they took some things from their burn down house and settled in the shelter. The shelter was full of mosquitoes and pests, they had to eat ground soybean and dried out frogs that is very difficult to watch.

7. Stealing from the farm

Because of everything being rationed there was no food to buy or exchange with anything since they found a farm full of vegetables. They ate food from the farm for some days. But then one day Setsuko felt a bit of unease in her stomach. Then Seita was caught when trying to steal sugarcane for his sister and the farmer beat him up good and got him arrested but the police officer was a kind one and let him out.

8. Setsuko Getting Diarrhoea

 Due to malnutrition and unhygienic living the child started to get weak and started hallucinating. Seeing her eating marbles thinking they were fruit drops and thinking about stones as rice balls is very painful to see. Her Brother was trying everything in his will to save his little sister. He even withdraws all his mother’s savings to buy food for his sister.

9. Setsuko’s Death and Ending of movie

But it was the end of her life. She ate a piece of watermelon and fell asleep and never woke up again. It was very difficult for Seita to even look at her dead body. He just silently laid alongside her. The light of the firefly was finally gone away. You can feel the frustration, confusion, and sadness on the boy’s face when he was performing rituals for his sister. He was very drained and after performing all the rituals he never visited the cave again. That same day he just sat on a railway platform all traumatized and numb. He just died there feeling hopeless. That is where the ending and the starting of the movie connect. As he had ashes of his sister in the fruit drops can that the station attendant threw in starting is picked up by Setsuko’s soul during the climax of the movie and she ran to Seita and then he said it’s time to sleep Setsuko. Then she slept in her brother’s lap very peacefully finally freed up of the cruel world. That’s how the story ends with a very emotional climax. One thing if you notice at the end is a wealthy family that has returned from a vacation possibly. Shows the difference that we have between the poor and the wealthy in our community .How they show a wealthy family’s house and then the shelter that is just other side of the villa of the wealthy family shows a comparison very carefully.

Where To Watch :- 

Though the movie is available to watch on Netflix But its not available in some regions due to some restrictions . You can buy it from Vudu or rent from Google Play Movies.

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