Will Eren Jaeger Die in Attack On Titan S4 ? Last Episode Explained.

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*Spoilers Alert*

Eren Jaeger pronounced as Eren Yaeger is the protagonist of our favorite anime series Attack on Titan. But as we know the storyline of this anime is not the same as our regular anime series. We can expect unexpected things from the writer Hajime Isayama. I am not saying that Eren will surely die. It’s a theory based upon events from both Manga and Original Anime series.

Who is Eren Yaeger ?

Eren Yaeger is the main character of our favorite winter anime Attack On Titan (AOT). Since his parents were killed by Titans. He always wanted to take revenge on all of the titans and vanish them from their existence. One of his dreams was to explore the world outside of the walls. During the whole series, he tried his best to defeat them titans and avenge his parent’s death but as the will of attack, titan overpowers him his motives and thinking take a great turn.

Is Eren Dead ??

As in AOT Season 1, Eren was once supposed dead before his first-ever titan transformation. But then he came back as it’s absurd that the writer will not kill the lead hero in the beginning. But in AOT manga we are bound to see things that are not conventional not normal. As Expected, in manga Chapter 138 of AOT released on 9th March 2021.

                                       Eren is fighting against his friends in a different shape than the founding titan. Though his original form was still like a centipede. His titan was more of a colossal type. Then Mikasa Ackerman got a chance to enter his mouth where Eren’s real body was and decapacitates his head. And kissed his decapacitated head with written to the boy who sought freedom goodbye with Ymir standing behind them.

Curse of Ymir

Anyways, Eren is going to die because of the curse of Ymir. Ymir was the one that first transformed into a titan. She was the first Titan or the founding titan and then she died after 13 years and her soul split into different parts that resulted in the formation of other titans. It was her curse that none of her descendants can outlive her. Thus everyone who has transformed into a titan is bound to die within 13 years after their first transformation.

Attack titan’s will of freedom.

The titan that Eren Yaeger inherited or was given by his father was the attack titan. The attack titan has a very different philosophy and wanted freedom no matter what.That will of freedom can also lead him to death . 


So if you ask me Eren is dead or not . I would say yes. As the last Manga Chapter says . I don’t think Isayama is going to save him again . That’s just a theory or my personal thinking and nothing else. 

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