My Hero Academia Movie #3 World Hero’s Mission Trailer Breakdown

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Boku No hero academia completed 100 episodes recently and after that milestone they’re planning to release their third movie of the series as a celebratory.

Recently the trailer of the movie was released and here are some interesting things you need to know about the trailer. 

There are a lot of hints in the trailer about the storyline . Some new characters are also introduced about which we’ll also talk .So, Here is a breakdown of the movie trailer.

Deku Wanted for Mass Murder

Deku wanted for mass murder

The trailer starts with a news anchor reporting about Izuku Midoriya aka Japanese Hero ‘ Deku ’ wanted for mass murder .

The use of Japanese hero word indicates that the movie’s premise is out of japan this time and about Deku being wanted for mass murder is a plot we have seen in a lot of other movies where a crime is conspired against the protagonist .

So , that’s not a new concept but let’s see how Bone Studios execute it . 

Return of Blackwhip

Blackwhip in MHA movie #3

So, Blackwhip is Deku’s second quirk that manifested in him during the fight against the Class B team in Season 5 Episode 10 .

Due to One For All it’s power has increased multi-folds and that’s why it was difficult for Deku to control it at first .But in the movie trailer we can see Deku swinging using blackwhip . So it seems Deku has got some control over O.F.A.

Update :- Blackwhip is confirmed as MHA Movie 3 trailer is released and has several shots of Deku using blackwhip.

Introduction Of New Characters

MHA # 3 movie new characters

Two new characters are introduced in the movie . One is the antagonist of the movie and the other is a supporting role boy . 

Antagonist of the movie goes by the name of Flect Turn . Who is the leader of a group named Humarize and they believe in Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory which states that quirks will get mixed further with future generations and that power will bring forth the end of humanity.

Second one is a boy named Rody Soul who is supposed to be working alongside Deku as he used the word colleague for Deku in the trailer.

Someone’s Death ??

MHA movie #3 Villain

If you look closely, the heap on which the flect turn is standing is made up of various main characters . Don’t know if they are dead or alive .

But a guess is that they’re alive and just defeated. Though there are some rumours of someone’s death in the movie .

But I’ll say take it with a pinch of salt . We can not trust rumours every time.

Here is a synopsis of the trailer and what I think about this movie.

A group of People named as Humarize wants to destroy all the heroes and people having quirks in the world because of their believe in Quirk Doomsday Theory. For that cause they are attacking on all the countries using chemical gas.

In order to save everyone Pro heroes request UA acadmey to help them and then a team of selected heroes is formed and its upto them to save the world .

Talking about anime movies Demon Slayer : Mugen Train is leading on the charts after surpassing Kimi No Nawa . I have lots of expectations from this movie. It can surpass Demon Slayer : Mugen Train as MHA movies are constantly evolving be it graphics, cinematography or character development . This movie could be the chartbuster of this year.

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