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The show Dragon Ball was very simple in the beginning but as the storyline proceeds and new movies are released the complexity of the show goes on increasing . Being a person who has watched some of them you can link all those chains of the story but for a new person it is not easy to understand the storyline .This article is to help all those people.

Should I Watch Dragon Ball Z : Kai

If you ask me about that I will definitely say yes

DBZ: Kai is my personal favourite if you ask me to choose between DBZ and DBZ: Kai . It is a remastered version like Zack Synder’s Justice League. In this remastered version the storyline is detailed and streamlined with lesser filler content. Many scenes are remastered with better quality . 

So it’s totally upon you if you have much free time to kill you can watch all the filler content and those long fights that are concluded in much lesser episodes in DBZ : Kai . Though there are all the major details covered in kai you will not miss any of them.

Chronological order of Dragon Ball Series

Show/Movie Name Episode Number
Dragon Ball Ep.1 - 153
DBZ : KAIEp. 1 - 54 End of Frieza Saga
Bardock : Father of Goku Movie Story of Goku’s Birth & Planet Vegeta
DBZ : KAIEp. 55 - 82 Cell Saga Ep. 82 - 98 Cell Games
History of Trunks Movie Story of Future Trunks ( Vegeta’s Son )
DBZ : KAI Ep. 98 - 165 End of Kid Buu Saga ( Fav One)
Dragon Ball GT ( Non Canon)
Ep. 1 - 64
Dragon Ball SuperEp. 1- 3
Dragon Ball : Battle Of Gods Entry Of Beerus on Earth
Dragon Ball Super Ep. 4 - 18
Dragon Ball Super : Resurrection F Return Of Super Villain Frieza
Dragon Ball Super Ep. 19 - 131
Dragon Ball Super : Broly Story Of Legendary Saiyan Broly

Filler Content : Skip Them if you Don’t Like

Here is some info about the filler content in the show that is really boring and time wasting some which is also non – canon. So , you should skip them and save your precious time . As time is money they say . 

Dragon Ball Series30-33, 45, 79-83, 127-132, 149-153 ( Though the last one’s are mixed filler content i still recommend you to watch them ).

Dragon Ball Z Kai : 101, 165 ( Mixed Fillers )

Dragon Ball Super : 4, 15, 42-46, 68-70, 73-76. 

What about Dragon Ball GT ?? Is that a good One

If you ask me , it’s a great one but most DBZ fans don’t like it because it’s a non canon storyline . But let me tell you it has good character development and SSJ 4 Transformation of Goku & Vegeta . I am a big Super Saiyan 4 Fan and always wanted that transformation to happen in the Canon storyline but that never happened . Also, SSJ 4 Super Gogeta was so powerful that it could take on Syn Shenron by himself . Him being too powerful the fusion could not last much longer . 

The series had very little participation from Akira Toriyama and he also didn’t like how the storyline was going . Dragon Ball GT is something that is entirely a different thing if you are a strict DB Manga fan or only loves to watch Canon episodes then bro this show is not for show . But if you are a fan of cool fights , SSJ transformations and fusions and this is a great one for you . As it has all that is needed for a good anime.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes : Another Non Canon !

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is the latest non canon show written by Yuki Kadota and Yoshiyuki Suzuki. This new show is an anime web series and not a T.V. show that was released alongside a Game named Super Dragon Ball Heroes . 

The plot of this series is set after the tournament of power arc of DBS . After the tournament has ended Goku and Vegeta are informed by some mysterious character named Fu , that future Trunks who is Vegeta’s son is being held captive by Frieza’s Brother Cooler on a planet named Prison Planet and then both of them fight all those villains and supervillains to save Trunks .

Nobody really likes this new series because of its monotonous story. It gets boring after sometime and is totally non – canon with zero resemblance and connections to Dragon Ball series. Like the true essence of the Dragon Ball series is lost . 

But it’s not anyone’s fault. We are used to watching that canon or original Dragon Ball series and our expectations from the show are very different . But as we know the writer is different , his way of working and his level of creativity is also different . Thus I think his art is fascinating  and needs appreciation .

Chronological Order If You Have Lots of Free Time to Kill

So, If you are also staying at home due to this covid thing and want to kill some free time watching DB anime then you can do so by watching the complete series including canon and non- canon movies as well as shows. I have included Dragon Ball Z instead of Kai in this one because why not. There are some conflicting movies also because of them being non -canon. 

  • Dragon Ball
  • Dead Zone Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 86
  • Bardock: Father of Goku
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 107
  • Episode of Bardock Special
  • World’s Strongest Movie
  • Tree of Might Movie
  • Lord Slug Movie
  • Garlic Junior Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 123
  • History of Trunks Saga
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 125
  • Revenge of Cooler Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 146
  • Super Android 13 Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 173
  • Return of Cooler Movie
  • Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 194
  • Bojack unbound Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 207
  • Broly’s Second Coming Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 250
  • Bio-Broly Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 253
  • Fusion Reborn Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 288
  • Wrath of the Dragon movie
  • Finish Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon Ball GT, all of it.
  • Dragon Ball Super to Episode 3
  • Battle of the Gods Movie
  • Dragon Ball Super to Episode 18
  • Resurrection F Movie
  • The Rest of Dragon Ball Super

Happy Watching !!

Where To Watch ?

You Can watch Dragon Ball episodes on Hulu , Dragon Ball Z , DBZ : Kai and DB Super on Amazon . These online streaming platforms have all the episodes available in HD quality and both Subbed and Dubbed forms are available.

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