Jujutsu Kaisen: 11 Gojo Satoru Quotes That Will Make You Simp On Him

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most famous show of 2020. The best show of the winter last year. It has all the must haves of a hit shonen it has comedy , sarcasm ,wisdom and horror if you are scared of those pity creatures. JJK introduced us to the world of curses and spirits.

Of all the characters Gojo Satoru is my favorite . I think everyone loves Gojo . If you don’t you are seriously ill and need care 😁. He is the most powerful character in the anime and all his dialogues are very well written and have wisdom and truth . So, now I will stop simping about Gojo Sensei and talk about the article .

I have handpicked some of the great words by Satoru Gojo here we go.

List Of Quotes

1. "Searching For Someone to Blame Is Just A Pain."

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As the quote says one must never blame anyone for their own mistake . You are always responsible for whatever you do .They are your own  decisions.

Nobody is perfect and also not every decision you take will be a right one so have enough courage to admit your mistakes instead of pointing your finger towards someone . 

2. "Don't Worry I'm The Strongest ."

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Gojo Satoru said these words when he fought Sukuna for the first time. He ensured his student that he is the strongest and nobody can defeat him. 

This quote tells about having high self esteem and confidence in yourselves. If you believe in yourself you can do anything and everything you ever wanted to do . 

3. "Dying To Win And Risking Death To Win Are Completely Different."

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Gojo wants to narrate that everybody wants to win but nobody is willing to do what it takes to achieve it .

These are two different things wanting anything and working your as* off to achieve something . You have to make sacrifices if you want to succeed.

4."But No Matter How Many Allies You Have Around You , When You Die You'll Be Alone."

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You are alone in this world . No matter how many friends or allies you have you are going to die alone .

And That my friend is pure truth. You Came into this world alone and you have to live alone and die alone. So work on yourself and make yourself proud.

5. "Don't Feel So Bad , We All Have Our Weaknesses."

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Don’t You think it’s true everyone have their own weaknesses . Even Satoru Gojo who is almost invincible has weaknesses . We have to overcome them or someone or our own psyche can use it against us.

Nobody is perfect and there is no issue in having a weakness but if it makes you vulnerable you must improve it or change it into your strength. 

6."When Granted Everything You Can't Do Anything."

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Its a very thoughtful quote and is for every person who wants to live an easy life When Granted Everything we can not do anything  . If you are granted everything without doing anything you become lazy, life becomes easy for you .

You get into that toxic comfort zone that is like a maze that you can never get out of . You don’t strive for anything , you don’t struggle that is where you fail . So struggle is very important if you want to achieve something great.

7. "First Rule Of Being A Teacher: If A Kid Gets Their Head Stuck In Something : Make Sure You Get Your Camera Before You Help Them Get Out."

Satoru being a great teacher gives advice to all sensei’s out there that whenever a student of yours does a mistake, before correcting it out or before helping them solve it you must remember how did they get into this.

So that whenever they start to incline again towards the wrong decisions you stop them right there and remind them of their past mistakes. That’s how you can play the role of a mentor efficiently and help them in their career.

8. "It's Better To Have A Concrete Goal , Right ? "

Gojo said these words to Yuji Itadori after the fight with Jogo. That one must have a concrete goal . By concrete he means something that is hard to achieve and very specific .

It’s better to have concrete goals and working hard for that instead of just lurking around and trying several things at a time . 

9. " Maybe I Should Just Kill All The Higher Ups."

Gojo Satoru is fed up with the broken system and instead of trying to change the system he thinks maybe he should kill all the higher ups that will destroy the system .  

10. "I've Always Been A Nice Guy Who Cares For My Students."

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He’s always been a nice guy who always cares for his students . Thus it’s a message for all the sensei to care for their students and help them to get succeed in life.

11. "Guess I'll Drink My Sorrows Away."

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This quotes is one of my favorite . This quote is a simple one but has a very deep meaning . He says that he has to drink his sorrows away . As, there is no use crying for something that has already happened in the past.

We must also do the same as crying over the past is not a good thing to do in order to live a peaceful and happy life .

It is the most applicable in real life, but it’s without a doubt one of the most important lessons that you could ever learn from the show.

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