Is Satoru Gojo The Strongest Anime Character : Jujutsu Kaisen

If you are a Jujutsu Kaisen fan , you must heard “Daijobu, boku saykyo dakara ” or “Don’t worry, I’m the strongest .” That is Satoru Gojo right . He says he is the strongest but what if I tell you that there is a sorcerer that even Satoru Gojo thinks is a stronger shaman than him . 

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Who Is Yuta Okkatsu?

Rika's Soul with Yuta okkatsu

He Is a melancholy child and is haunted by his childhood friend Rika Orimoto who died in an accident and her cursed soul started to haunt Yuta afterwards. Rika was haunting him because of a promise he made with Rika. They wore a promise ring and the promise was to marry each other.

Rika died in a street accident and hence they were not able to keep that promise but Yuta rejected her death and cursed her soul. But after that cursed soul of Rika started to haunt him. Rika was so powerful that Suguru Geto called her  “The queen of curses”. Just like ryomen Sukuna is called the “King of Curses.”

Rika’s powers are not yet revealed as Rika was able to manifest completely only twice till now. However, even with just her arms manifested she could handle a special grade easily. Because of Rika’s immense power, Yuta is registered as one of the four special grades known to Jujutsu High. 

Yuta’s appearance

Yuta wore a strange white jacket at jujutsu high instead of the deep blue blazer and carries a sword. He trained with Maki for a long time and learned to wield a sword as a cursed tool and channel his immense cursed energy into the sword. He is a great swordsman and has a katana sword.

Yuta’s Friends and Social Life

Yuta okkatsu barely had any friends before joining Jujutsu high as he was just a depressed introvert kid who was always bullied at school.

Rika was her only friend but after her death, she was not the same. Rika was very possessive of Yuta and also protected him a lot of times and that was also a reason for him having very few friends. His classmates and fellows were afraid of him because of weird things that happen around him. 

Life at Jujutsu High

Though in Jujutsu High he met first year’s Maki Zenin and Toge Inumaki. It took some time but he made great connections with both of them. Maki has an intimidating personality and scolded him for having no goals and talking about Inumaki Toge he is a complex one to understand because of the speech barrier.

Once he made new friends his self-esteem was boosted to another level they made him realize the responsibility he had on his shoulders and gave him an aim in life. Friends are his only strengths and weakness, when Suguru Geto hurt his only friends he surpassed his limits to defeat him. 

Rika’s Powers

While fighting Suguru Geto, Rika manifested completely and showed her powers. She killed all of the Geto’s cursed spirits with just bare hands.

She could also replicate Jujutsu techniques as she replicated the cursed speech technique of the Inumaki Clan. As the fight proceeds Geto gets serious and used his Special Technique Uzumaki Technique and to tackle that Yuta broke Rika’s limits and with that power they were able to defeat Geto. 

But that freed Rika’s soul from the curse and her soul attained a human form and met him for the last time and then she proceeds to the afterlife. Despite Rika’s soul being freed from Yuta, he is still very strong and retains the special grade rank. But, the mystery is when he returns to jujutsu high. He is still able to use Rika’s powers and there are a lot of theories about it. About which we have talked in our other article. 

He wants to kill Itadori ?

Yuji Itadori vs. Yuta Okkatsu

To get the best out of him and help him control that immense amount of curse energy Gojo recommended a trained shaman named Miguel. So Yuta went overseas to train with him. He returned during Yuji’s Extermination arc ( Manga Ch. 137-143 ). He wanted to kill Itadori because of three reasons.

  1. All the higher-ups knew about Sukuna’s power and the threat Yuji was, because of him being sukuna’s vessel and growing strong by each passing day. As he was Gojo’s student nobody was willing to execute him. But Yuta did not care about it. Thus the higher-ups trusted him and wanted him to execute Sukuna’s vessel. 
  2. Because of Itadori his dear friend Toge Inumaki, the cursed speech user lost his arm and he was pissed off because of it he hates Itadori. 
  3. The third one is an unknown reason as he states that he wants to kill Itadori because he is bait to meet certain someone. A wild guess is that he wants to meet Sukuna.

Is he stronger than Gojo Sensei ?

Now, that is the bigger question. Satoru Gojo is the most powerful character till now as Sukuna is not at his full power for now. And Gojo himself stated that Yuta is one of those sorcerers who can surpass him in the future.

This event was from when Yuta was admitted at JJH. But after he was sent to train overseas he has improved drastically. In the Yuji Extermination arc when he makes his comeback, he seems to have much more cursed energy with a constant flow and better control over it. Somehow he is also still able to use Rika’s power that’s a mystery in itself.

If we recall about Rika’s power she was a great challenge even for Geto and Geto being a good competitor of Gojo we can say that if she can defeat Geto, she can be a great challenge for Gojo also. Win or Loose we cannot decide as Gojo is great with domain expansion and his infinity shield that protects him while Rika having the ability to replicate Jutsu. They can use cursed speech against Gojo very easily.

Win or lose we can not declare but they can give Gojo a great fight and he can surpass him in the future but for now, he is not a match for Gojo.   

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