Who Is Hisoka Morow : Hunter x Hunter | Hisoka’s Childhood

Hisoka Morow the magician with cards and a killer look . He is the main antagonist in the starting arcs of the show . He is a very cunning and brutal character. In the hunter exam arc you can see Hisoka killing the participants very ruthlessly. Despite being an aggressive character he is rather calm most of the time.

He is a magician but has more of a clown type appearance. He wears silly makeup like a clown and has a star and a teardrop drawn on each side of face.He had Pink hair and a sarcastic smile on his face. He is an acute pedophillic and pervert .

The reason for his strange appearance is in his past or origin story. In this article we will discuss Hisoka Morow, the heroic villain of Hunter x Hunter.

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The urge of fighting stronger opponents

He always wants to fight people who are stronger than him. He reminds me of Goku sometimes , though he is nothing like Goku . But they both have something in common that is the constant urge to fight challenging opponents .

Hisoka is not someone who craves power or one who wants to be the strongest . He fights to get thrill and pleasure by destroying his opponents . He even challenged chairman Netero to fight with him and he declined it without any second thought. Hisoka is so full of himself that he challenged Chrollo Lucifer in his ideal conditions, that means all the odds were against Hisoka and that backfired at him so badly that he almost died if not for his Bungee Gum .

Childhood Of Hisoka Morow

Hisoka Morow as a child was a cute and cunning child who discovered about Nen on his own . Hisoka is an important part of the show and even has a small manga based upon his origin and his childhood . How he named his nen techniques Bungee Gum and texture surprise and how he trained and killed a serial killer once .Let me tell you about Hisoka’s manga.

In 2016, a one shot manga was released based upon Hisoka . It had only one chapter of 70 pages . In that manga a group of circus performers called Moritonio Troupe lead by Ringmaster Moritonio found Hisoka lying on a road. When asked about his parents he refused to talk about his past. They were also worried if he was involved in some fishy activity because of his bad condition.

Hisoka had a natural talent of observing things very clearly and managed to learn the tricks that took 10-12 years to master by the other fellow performers. All of them were afraid of their tricks being stolen and even some left the troupe. He observed Moritonio’s aura and asked him about it. Then Moritonio explained to him everything about it and all the six types of Nen users . He learnt to use his abilities and named his technique Elastic Love : Bungee Gum. Bungee Gum was his favourite bubble gum he kept always with him.

Texture surprise is what he adopted from Moritonio as Moritonio was also a transmuter and used it to morph his face. He was a serial killer who killed a lot of people and everytime the killer had a different face so he was named The 100 Face and ‘ John Doe’. Hisoka adapted this technique from him and used it to do very creative and critical things.

Is Hisoka a pure evil character ?

Hisoka Morow is not a pure evil person .During the hunter exam arc he was introduced as a ruthless magician and assassin but as the character development progressed another side of Hisoka’s character was introduced. He cares for some people and cannot let anyone hurt them except him .

He helped Gon and Killua several times , sometimes for his own hidden motives and sometimes willingly. He also tried to hide Gon’s location from Illumi Zoldyck.In fact he killed Moritonio or the serial killer “John Doe” who was an evil character and killed a lot of humans.He would never care about people being killed or dying he was a pure evil character. 

Is He a Magical Beast ?

The answer is No . He is not a magical beast , he is a normal human . If you have watched hunter exam arc then there is this scene in Hunter exam arc In which he suddenly starts to transform into a magical beast but controls his bloodlust and stops it from happening .

Most of us thought that he was a magical beast ,but it was just his bloodlust leaking out and making him disfigured . His senses of smell and vision were not of a human and also him talking to a strange character with needles pierced all over his face  (Illumi Zoldyck) made him look more susceptible. Maybe the writer thought of making him a magical beast at first and then changed his decision. 

Dirty Minded Character

Hisoka’s character is very pervertish . He is not just any regular pervert anime character . Hisoka Morow is on another level . He doesn’t beat around the bush with double meaning talks and directly shoots his shot . Though his character and some adult conversations or dialogues were changed in anime to follow censorship rules . But if you want to see the real perverted pedophile Hisoka you must read Hunter X Hunter Manga . 

In Manga Chapter 357, Hisoka asks Machi to spend a night with him and she rejects his proposal. In the anime that scene was changed to him asking for dinner and Machi getting angry over him does it make any sense .

hisoka asking machi for dinner

In manga Chapter 159, Hisoka was walking behind Gon and Killua and looking at their buttocks and then poked both of them with his lust or bloodlust from the back that their heighted senses recognised it . After that was asked to walk in front of them.

Hisoka perveerts

Hisoka’s Creative Powers

Hisoka is a very creative character . He discovered his own Nen without any guidance and made his techniques Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise . Being a transmutor , he can modify his Nen and create invisible elastic gum that is very strong and he used it very creatively to do tricks and things during fights . This Bungee Gum power even saved him from death as he commanded his nen to rapidly contract and relax his heart and lungs after his death to kick start his body again . He used Texture Surprise to fake phantom troupe no. 4 Label on his back and cover various parts of his body using that . He healed his injured neck and made a prosthetic leg and arm just from Texture surprise .  

Till date nobody knows his origin or from where he came. That is possible because the writer never wrote anything about it. Maybe because they want to keep the suspense and mystery around Hisoka alive. But these are all just theories and we don’t have any solid proof.

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